The 10 Biggest Dating Mistakes People Make On Facebook


If you have waited long enough to get back out there that your wounds are healed, and you're no longer full of resentment, that's great. But even if you think you've done everything right, you might find yourself comparing the new people you meet to your ex.

"A lot of people love to compare new relationships to the last relationship, and I understand that it's hard not to, as that's the most recent memory you have," said Ettin. "Generally after a relationship you're only thinking of the good things from the past relationship, and nobody can measure up to that. So you just need to focus on new people and what they have to offer, not how they stack up against your ex."


This is hard to do, but it's probably essentially a case of practise makes perfect. In other words, the more people you meet, the less you will be hung up on how your ex used to behave, or what they liked.

"It's hard to get over an ex — we've all been there — and I think there are two components to getting over someone: time, and eventually, somebody else," Ettin said. "But everyone's ratio is different of the time to the someone else. But the ratio that is never appropriate is zero time."

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Source : http://www.thisisinsider.com/breakup-mistakes-and-what-to-do-instead-2018-6