The Economic Case For Letting Teenagers Sleep A Little Later

I totally disagree with this professor. Students in NYC high school, and their parents should change their attitude toward teaching and schools. Parents are spoiling their children, especially middle class parents. Children stay late at night not because they study and they have lots of homework to do, but because they stay on their phones, facebook, and computers chatting with their friends, or just simple having fun. Parents can’t control or don’t have time to control their children, therefore, they blame the school hours. If a child is home by 3 pm. he/she has 4 hours at most (an excellent student) to do more than what a student needs to do.By 9 pm they can finish their activities and study as well. They can go to bed by 10 pm and wake up at 6 or 6:30. which is more than enough time for children to relax. Look at the best schools in NYC. All of them start early, all of them have the best students. They don’t care why they wake up at 5 in the morning, they are not spoiled with extra activities they parents want them to do, and yet, they are the best.The more a child sleep, the lazier he/she will be. Teach your children to wake up early, teach them responsibilities of the family, prepare them for their lives, and do not blame the school hours for your childrens failure.

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The Economic Case for Letting Teenagers Sleep a Little Later
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