The New Toyota Supra Is Still Out There Running Around


Toyota’s new Supra is one of the most anticipated sports cars in recent memory, and with the race version’s debut at the Geneva motor show, it’s not getting any less interest. While we can guess the shape of the production Supra by looking at spy shots, renderings and the race version, we still won’t know exactly what we’re going to get until the car debuts in 2019.

Still, the race version is awfully cool. Seemingly playing to the Supra’s target audience, the folks at Toyota put together what appears to be an "Initial D"-inspired short film to show off the race car.


If you’re not familiar with "Initial D," it was a Japanese animated cartoon that introduced kids to a slew of popular Japanese cars and drifting. In the show, you’d find Mazda RX-7s, Nissan Skyline GTRs and various other Japanese performance cars. The star, however, was an AE86 generation Toyota Carolla, which makes Toyota showing off the Supra even more interesting.

Sure, it’s a little sharper than the "Initial D" animations were, but the inspiration is still there. Check out the video above to see for yourself.

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The New Toyota Supra Is Still Out There Running Around
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