The Uncounted


My short time working as a doctor in the Idaho prison taught me a lot. I was expecting to see lots of healthy young men with a history of behavioral and substance issues. I was surprised how many middle-aged and older inmates there were with chronic disease. Over 65 percent of the inmates were on chronic medications; many were on psychiatric meds. Imagine what happens to these folks when they are released to the community with no access to health care and a $6,000/year health care habit. We are being stupid about how we treat people. Idaho pays 100 percent of their health care costs in prison, then because they are not eligible for health insurance in Idaho, we pay 0 percent when they are released. If we expanded Medicaid eligibility, we would pay 10 percent of the costs. Seems a good investment to me.

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Source : https://www.idahopress.com/opinion/guest_opinions/uncounted-benefit-from-medicaid-expansion/article_c01b7fe0-4d0e-5d7f-88b1-026d708d9aab.html

Uncounted benefit from Medicaid expansion
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