The Wreckage

The Washington Nationals have decided to go in another direction at manager, leaving Dusty Baker behind. Many will celebrate without a second thought. I feel this is misguided. 

Thanks to rather embarrassing conclusions to the 2002 World Series (as Giants manager) and 2003 NLCS (as Cubs manager), it seems that the overwhelming majority has long since decided that Dusty Baker is worthy of mockery. 

Each time his team comes up short in the postseason, it's more "evidence" that he's some kind of failure who can't get the job done and should be fired. He's unfit to manage in the postseason, they cry. 

These aren't people who would give Baker credit if his teams came through. No, there's confirmation bias in place before the postseason series even begin. If his team ends up advancing, it's in spite of Baker. If they lose, though, it's see! I told you he sucked!