The Grand Prix Formula 1 Needs To Make Happen


Formula 1 on the streets one of the greenest, most progressive - not to mention beautiful - cities in northern Europe. How unlikely is that? In a word, 'very', but with F1's new owners having drafted a marketing strategy that has 'DESTINATION CITIES' neon-lit across its top line, something quite wonderful might be about to happen.

Yes, Copenhagen has been identified as precisely the kind of host town that would add lustre and credibility to Liberty Media's ambitious promotional plans for their banner championship. (No surprise that Red Bull, those arch-marketeers, have been here already, in the form of a 2012 David Coulthard street demo.) And with a local hero, Kevin Magnussen, remaining a punchy presence at Haas, there has probably never been a more opportune moment to bring Formula 1 back to Scandinavia for the first time since 1978.


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Source : https://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/the-grand-prix-f1-needs-to-make-happen-1004558/

The grand prix F1 needs to make happen
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