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The standout interior feature of the Model 3 is the 15-inch horizontal touchscreen — the nerve center of the car.

Nearly all vehicle functions are accessed through the screen. Tesla did this for three reasons: to be radically cool, to make the Model 3 easier to build, and to look forward to a time when cars drive themselves and require only some type of interactive screen.


Critically, stuff that was once located on an instrument cluster in front of the driver — the speedometer, for example — has been relocated to the left side of the touchscreen.

In practice, I found that this wasn't a problem to get used to. But what would be a problem is the screen going dead. A blackout isn't supposed to happen, according to Tesla, but with this all-in-one-place approach, it could.

You could still drive the car. My experienced motorists can estimate their approximate speed from experience. But you would lose control of numerous features, from the cabin temperature to the audio system.

In the end, a real attention-grabber, and a big play from Tesla to rethink the vehicle interface. But also a significant risk.

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Source : http://www.businessinsider.com/tesla-model-3-flaws-2018-2

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