The LaPavoni Europiccola & Professional Zen In Espresso.

I had one back in the early 80's, and I was never satisfied with the results. Of course, back then I didn't have a very good grinder, and little on what makes good espresso was available outside of a few books on coffee and espresso, and a couple of specialty magazines.

Unfortunately, I recently tossed out all my documentation related to it. I recall that my biggest fear was that some day I was going to pulling (and at times pushing down) so hard on that lever that it was going to break off from the tank and blow up, lol. In order to get any crema at all, it was a huge effort. And bitter. Now I realize that perhaps I might have been able to do better had I had a better grinder.

Online you certainly can find youtube tutorials and also here in these forums - just saw one at La Pavoni Europiccola instructions... for newbies

It is a very attractive machine, so it looks great to have in the kitchen. Being new to this forum, I haven't lurked enough to see if others have posted on their success and/or happiness with this vintage machine. It certainly is simple in its simplicity. Nor have I lurked about enough to know what the best option for good espresso at the lowest cost in these times. After the La Pavoni, I moved onto to $1200 Bezzera and $300 grinder (in the mid-80's) that I was never truly happy with, then spent years buying Starbucks triple-shot lattes and then various low-end home systems and grinders, ending with buying a Nespresso Lattissima+ for my wife. I'm happy enough with the automated espresso machine in my hotel lobby (fresh beans!) so I can take the slow path to getting my next machine and grinder, which looks to be the wildly indulging Linea Mini and Kafatek Monolith :)

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