The LaPavoni Europiccola & Professional Zen In Espresso.

I'm trying to get a handle on the parts I need to complete the machine and rebuild. A lot of the information I've gotten is from the Ultimate Build thread, but hoping to get confirmation on my order list from orphan espresso.

I am pretty certain its a 1974 version 1.8 (too bad about the plain steel base, but it looks to be in pretty good condition?).

It's missing the handle for the lever, which I'll turn on my wood lathe.

It has a North American plug on it, but I guess I won't know until it arrives whether it's a 120 or 220v heater (but it's probably 220)? A 220v heater will work, just be slow?

So in terms of part that I need to order:

1. La Pavoni Rebuild Kit - PRE-Millenium Models - Full Kit

2. Pavoni / Cremina Group Rebuild Stainless Steel Hardware Kit

3. 49mm Portafilter and basket

I'm having trouble mapping the list in this post to the kit from OE, Are there additional gaskets I'll need which are not in the kit?

Is there anything I haven't mentioned that I'll need?

Thanks in Advance.

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