The One Player You Need To Know From Every Country Competing In The 2018 FIFA World Cup


Position: Striker.

International appearances: 100 (42 goals).


Edinson Cavani is underrated, understated, and underappreciated. And it is most likely because he happens to share a Paris Saint-Germain team with Brazil superstar Neymar and a Uruguay team with Luis Suárez.

At the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Suárez purposely handballed a shot from Ghana player Dominic Adiyiah. He got sent off and made himself a figure of hate in the process. That badboy reputation was only enhanced when he got sent off at the next World Cup, in 2014, when he bit Giorgio Chiellini on the shoulder.

Sure, Suárez might do something wrong, but Cavani will be the one to do something right. Cavani has also significantly outscored Suárez over the last two years.

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The one player you need to know from every country competing in the 2018 FIFA World Cup
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