The Twin Turbo V6 Genesis G80 Sport Costs Almost As Much As The V8 Model

To get the G80 Sport's V6 with its 365 horsepower and 376 pound-feet of torque, you'll need to spend at least $56,225. That will net you the rear-wheel-drive version. For another $2,500, you can get your Sport with all-wheel drive. Regardless of drive wheels, the Sport features unique front and rear fascias, dark chrome and bronze-finish trim, upgraded suspension, vented rear disc brakes, more aggressive transmission tuning, and unique interior trim.

For not much more money, though, you can pick up the more powerful V8-powered G80. It now starts at $57,975 for a rear-drive model, and all-wheel drive again adds $2,500 to that price. That's about a $1,700 difference to go from the Sport's V6 to the 420-horsepower V8. However, you won't get the Sport's performance upgrades.

If you're looking for a real bargain on Genesis G80 power, you should go pick up a current 2017 V8 model. It's cheaper than both 2018 G80 Sport and G80 V8 by a substantial margin. The rear-drive version, the only one available, starts at $55,500. It has the same V8 as the 2018, too. And if you wait for the new models to show up on dealer lots – the Sport shows up next month, and the naturally aspirated V6 and V8 models come this summer – you might even score some sweet discounts to clear out the previous year cars.

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