Thinking Outside The Box: A Misguided Idea


RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The hunt for a parking space in downtown Raleigh can take more than just patience.

It’s not too hard to find a parking spot early in the morning, but just a few hours later, or on the weekend, it’s another story.


That’s why today the City of Raleigh’s Transportation Department and council members will look at short and long-term strategies when it comes to finding a spot. With an uptick in development, officials say the city is close to a critical need for parking.


Some options include: building parking decks, park and ride, or incentives for businesses with workers that ride the bus or bike. All those options would provide more spaces for those heading downtown.

“We’ll probably need more parking spaces just because there are a lot more people moving to Raleigh,” said resident Megan Reed.

Some in Raleigh say the parking situation is enough to prevent them or their friends from even coming downtown.

“Every single time I come down here to park I can never get a spot, so I just kind of avoid downtown Raleigh altogether,” said Raleigh resident Derek Joyner.

“Trying to get friends to come down here to hang out with me, it’s a little tricky. They’re worried about parking. It’s difficult,” said another resident, Jocelyn Dantina.

The solutions won’t come overnight, though.

“Be patient right now. We’re really trying to think outside the box on some of our options and strategies here in the entire downtown area,” said Paul Kallam, with the city’s transportation department.

Today the Raleigh City Council is expected to give feedback and point the transportation department in the direction they want to go for the future of downtown parking.

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Source : http://wncn.com/2018/02/20/raleigh-leaders-to-look-at-outside-the-box-ideas-for-improving-downtown-parking/

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