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Qbby Support Thread


Meet Qbby, Qbby can't jump very far... or very high. But Qbby has one thing on his side though... Boxes!


Yes! Qbby! the Protagonist of the BoxBoy! series from the Nintendo eShop.


Why Though?


Why not? Smash Bros is currently lacking in representation of Nintendo's eShop franchises. with Dillon (From Dillon's Rolling Western) being an assist trophy in Smash 4. but other than that, there's really not much support for them.

And While Dillon, Mallo, Tempo or the Arcade Bunny would all also make decent choices.

I feel that Qbby has the most going for him to be a worthwhile addition to the Smash roster.

with 3 games under his metaphorical belt, the BoxBoy! series has been quite well received and Qbby is easily one of the more recognizable and charming characters among his eShop original compatriots

Moveset Potential

It's all about thinking

ABOUT the box

My full moveset ideas are still a work in progress.

feel free to post your own ideas.

Qbby has no arms. no head. he is just a box with legs, that can make other boxes. But, therein lies the beauty of Qbby. such an unorthodox character is sure to bring about a fun and unique moveset. if Quadrupeds like Ivysaur can work in smash. then why not a box?


Drawing inspiration for the 3 games in the BoxBoy! series. Qbby is capable of spawning boxes from his body from in front of, behind or above him. (depending on the stage, how many boxes he can make at a time varies but smash would probably settle on a consistent number) Using these boxes Qbby could make Barriers for himself, projectiles to throw at enemies, platforms to get around. even obstacles for enemies to have to jump over.

Qbby can even use his boxes to grapple on to ledges or snake his way through tight spaces.


in BoxBoxBoy! he gains to ability to create two groups of boxes at the same time instead of just the one he could make in the first game. adding more options to what he could do with his boxes.

on top of that in the third game ByeBye BoxBoy! Qbby gains several new abilities to create special boxes. including Rocket Boxes that can fly into the air, Warp boxes to teleport himself around, Bomb Boxes that can explode and remote boxes that can move independently away from Qbby


Add to that the options of including some stage hazard elements from his games in his moveset (as some characters do) such as Spikies and lasers and you've got way more potential for a moveset than one would think.

Don't Box yourself in to thinking Qbby doesn't have moveset potential going for him

Just think outside the box!


With Qbby there are really 2 ways they could go about this. they could take the typical approach and just give him some re-colours, possibly based on the (very few) colours that appear in the BoxBoy! games (Rocket Box Red, Warp Box Blue, Bomb Box Orange, etc etc) as well as his inverted colour scheme from the Score Attack mode


Or (similar to the Pokemon characters and their hats) they could even draw from the multitude of optional costumes players can purchase for Qbby in his games


(tell me you wouldn't love running around in smash as a Box in a cape beating up the likes of Bowser and Gannondorf)

Kirby Hat

Thanks to amiibo compatability in Kirby Battle Royale and ByeBye BoxBoy! there are already 2 potential options for what Kirby's copy ability hat would look like after sucking up Qbby

In ByeBye BoxBoy! touching the Kirby amiibo to the NFC reader gives Qbby a Kirby themed costume. which could work just as well as Kirby's "hat" in smash bros when he copies Qbby


This could also work as an alternate costume for Qbby in smash.

Or, If you prefer something that is more Kirby wearing Qbby as opposed to the other way around. In Kirby Battle Royale, touching the Qbby amiibo to the reader gives Kirby a special hat for his Bomb ability. the Qbby Cap!



[​IMG]​The BoxBoy! Series has proven popular enough that Qbby even received his own amiibo to coincide with the release of his 3rd game.

Yes, having an amiibo doesn't mean a whole lot towards being in Smash otherwise we'd be seeing the likes of Blathers (animal crossing) and Yarn Poochy (Yoshi) showing up in the game too. but it still means that the programming for a Qbby amiibo is there, and the potential for cross compatibility is there too.

Popularity and Merch

Despite not being the biggest of Nintendo Stars, Qbby has managed to get a few pieces of merchandise released over in japan including a key chain pair (alongside a box-ified version of Kirby. a ... well a box to hold things in. and of course the aforementioned amiibo


They're almost like a pair of fuzzy dice


On top of that, the official BoyBoy! series Youtube channel (in Japan) posts new videos often

Clearly there is some love for the series.

The future of the series?

While the third title in the series ByeBye BoxBoy! was promoted as the last game in the series. recently there have been some interesting teases floating around. The official BoyBoy! Youtube channel recently uploaded a video ending with the logos of each game in the series alongside the words "To Be Continued...?"

And the series director Yasuhiro Mukae had also claimed in the past that he'd like to continue the series on the switch


Trailers for the series

If you need more convincing about what this little box is capable of. why not give the series a look. they're a great trio of puzzle games that aren't all that expensive.

here are some trailers for the games

Fanart, Sigs, Support Items



Sailor Waddle Dee


Just look at him dance.​

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