This Is How The 2018 Mercedes AMG Formula 1 Car Sounds


The AMG GTR doesn’t just look good on the outside, it feels good on the inside. My test vehicle featured synthetic Ultrasuede on the steering wheel to enhance hand grip. The steering felt tight and very precise, but gave limited feedback from the road – even in Sport+ mode. The seats are also wrapped in Ultrasuede and feature adjustable bolster support to hold you in place while corning. A rear view camera is a standard necessity because rear visibility is a challenge when backing up, but otherwise, the AMG GTR has amongst the best visibility for a sports car. The vehicle always feels high performance and sporty, but I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable the car is on long trips. I made a two-hour long trip in the car while I had it for a week, and experienced no back pain or fatigue whatsoever. The cabin was unusually loud for a Mercedes product, but this is both a positive and a negative. For short trips, I enjoyed hearing the engine noise and vehicle sounds because it made me feel one with the car. On long trips where I needed to take a few phone calls, I could barely hear the person on the other end; even when you quite the adjustable titanium exhaust system. In the big picture, I wouldn’t change a thing, because this is a proper sports car.

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