This Is The New Laptop Microsoft Will Unveil Next Week, But Don’t Call It A Surface Pro 5

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>Surface Pro (2017): Small refinements to a familiar design

Surface Pro (2017): Small refinements to a familiar design

Don't call it Surface Pro 5. The latest iteration of the Surface Pro loses the model number, keeps the kickstand, and adds mostly subtle refinements.

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Consumer Reports has pulled its recommended rating from Microsoft laptops based on reliability ratings from surveys.

The ratings service found that 25 percent of Microsoft laptops and tablets will give owners problems by the end of the second year of ownership.

Consumer Reports pulled its recommended rating on the Surface Laptop (128G and 256GB versions) and the Surface Book (128GB and 512GB). The ratings move also applies to Microsoft devices such as the Surface Pro, which launched in June.

According to the publication, the move on ratings was made because it had enough data to estimate predicted reliability of the devices. Microsoft's hardware lineup has expanded in recent years.

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