Tips For A Great F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2016 Experience

“It's something I haven't spent a while lot of time thinking about,” says Rossi. “I'm focusing on trying to get the drive, and what comes with that, we'll have to wait and see. At the moment it's all about getting myself in a race car, and I'm not really too concerned about the long term at the moment.”

The one positive recent development was the announcement of former McLaren man Dave Ryan as racing director. The New Zealander joined McLaren as a mechanic in 1973 and rose to the heights of sporting director. However, he was made the scapegoat for the 2009 Australian GP controversy, when Lewis Hamilton lied to the stewards about an incident under the safety car, and was later excluded. Ryan later rebuilt his career in GT racing with his own team.

“I've read a little bit about him and the time that he spent at McLaren, and the success that he had there. He's obviously someone who definitely knows how the sport and more importantly the business works. I think he will be great to have on board, and hopefully I'll be able to work with him in the future.”

In the meantime, Rossi has one more goal for 2015: he wants to secure his second place in the GP2 championship table. There are two race weekends to go, with the first pair of feature/sprint races taking places this Friday and Saturday in Bahrain.

“This F1 process is finished with, and now I have two GP weekends, and I'll put all my attention into that, and trying to clinch second in the championship. I need to outscore third place by five points in Bahrain and I'll clinch it before Abu Dhabi, and that has to be the goal.”

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