Tom D’Agostino Jr. Addresses LuAnn De Lesseps Split Rumors: 'There Is A Lot Of Love Here'


patti stanger talks luann divorce

>Patti Stanger

knows how to spill tea!!

On Thursday, the Millionaire Matchmaker star stopped by The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro and revealed that

Luann de Lesseps' (soon-to-be ex) husband

Tom D'Agostino is now seeing model

Cindy Guyer. Smh.

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In case you forgot, back in August, the >Real Housewives of New York

vet announced that she and D'Agostino were divorcing after only a handful of months of marriage. And it appears as though the businessman is already rebounding as Miz Stanger dished:

"I know her [Luann] very well…Yeah take a break, he's [Tom D'Agostino Jr.] dating Cindy Guyer my–one of my millionaires on the club after six minutes of getting a break-up…"

Oof. Apparently, Patti tried to warn Luann about Tom as she continued:

"Look, I love Luann and she's in love with love, she's in a case of denial. She wanted this to work and there are things he might've said to her behind closed doors that you don't know that was very, enticing. 'I love you, I don't want anyone else' and she believed him even though they had evidence to the contrary…I told Luann if you feel that he's changing, but here's the problem with him, over 50 never been married, no kids, no responsibility."

We mean, Patti is not wrong.

The reality TV vet also had some big opinions to share about the recent shocking celebrity splits. On >Fergie

and >Josh Duhamel

's separation news, the 56-year-old relayed:

"I feel like he's [Josh Duhamel] kinda normal, and he likes to get up and go to the gym, and take the kid, and work on his movie, and then she's [Fergie] traveling and, you know, music people like to tour. So maybe it's one of those, their lifestyles, like the >Chris Pratt

, >Anna Faris

thing where they're not on the same page at the same time, but they really love and respect each other…he just wants to be chill and she wants to go live large…they're not connecting. When you don't connect emotionally, physically, spiritually, and intellectually, you break up."

Speaking of Chris and Anna, the dating expert is rooting for those two to reconcile. After revealing that she was "surprised as shit" by the Pratts' split, Patti shared:

"I think Anna Faris and Chris Pratt could get back together…Cause there's a really strong best friend factor…I've met Anna…I went on her podcast…Chris had sent his regards because he was shooting a movie and he said that like they loved me and loved the show. I felt like Anna, you know, it's really hard when she has a television schedule. And she's at home at a certain time every day taking care of that kid and he's off doing big larger-than-life movies, you feel like kind of abandoned. They're very simple people, they don't have like butlers and they don't have like 20 people in their house… So when the other person's career is on the rise, I mean, Anna's no slouch, I mean she's, number one show on CBS, give me a break, okay? And I feel it's sad for them that, it's like the career got in the way…"

Fair enough. Shockingly, Patti believes that >Chrissy Teigen

and >John Legend

have issues fans aren't aware of. Say it ain't so!!

Stanger explained:

"Pull it back, because if you shove it in our faces you're doomed. You're doomed. And Chrissy and [John], they do, they do. They're great. They're fantastic. They're whatever. I don't think they'll break up. I think that Chrissy and him have ups and downs like everybody else. So when they catch them on a down mode like, maybe they threw something at each other in a restaurant. Like I've had fights with my exes and then we loved each other after when it's over…I love them so…I've seen them at Lady Gaga's party, they were all over each other, loving each other, he couldn't dote enough. She was pregnant, just about to pop. I mean, he's a real chivalrous guy. He's a good guy. He's got a good heart. He's super talented."

Hmmm, very inneresting. Other highlights from the episode include Patti's recommendation on who >Angelina Jolie

should date next AND her thoughts on

Katie Holmes' decision to go public with >Jamie Foxx


Be sure to ch-ch-check out Patti's appearance in its entirety (below)! Enjoy!

[Image via WENN/YouTube.]

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