Tudor Fastrider Watch For Ducati Motorcycles


Tudor's place is found. It will make the cheeky sport watches - that will sell well - that Rolex will never make. If Rolex is the staunch, unwavering meritocracy of tried and true design, then Tudor will be the ever-so-slightly rebellious younger brother that likes to have just a bit more fun - within the confines of "good taste" that is.

Tudor recently was announced as the "official timing partner' of Ducati Motorcycles. I don't know Ducati's official timing partner will do, but you can sure they will make watches (that is for sure). Sounds a lot like a fancy marketing name. To begin this relationship Tudor has released the Fastrider watch. It is a sporty racing watch with a slightly retro feel and a healthy amount of personality. It also won't be sold in the US (officially).


One thing the Fastrider watch lacks (at least on the dial) is any mention of Ducati. This is actually a good idea, as co-branding on watch dials is usually in poor taste. Save that for the caseback (if at all). With little design nods to motorcycles, the watch looks like a transformed Daytona made for a gear-head teenager.

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Source : http://www.businessinsider.com/tudor-is-official-timing-partner-of-ducati-2011-7

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