Turn Your Apple Watch Into A Gorgeous Pendant Or Pocket Watch

A Kickstarter project aims to turn your ordinary Apple Watch into an extraordinary pendant or pocket watch. Bucardo premium jewelry explains the pocket watch: "Inspired by the original way that men wore their timepieces, our patent-pending technology transforms your 42 mm Apple Watch into a classic, vintage-inspired pocket watch. Engineered to interface directly with the band slots of your Apple Watch, simply slide your wristbands out and slide your Bucardo accessory in. Our Pocket Watch protects your Apple Watch, and opens to give you easy access to the Apple Watch face." Regarding the need for constant authentication, the developer told TMO "...the password authentication can be turned off/disabled for the Apple Watch, thus not affecting the continuity of using your Apple Watch with one of our Pendulum Accessories. The only features that are compromised with our accessories are the activity tracking features as well as Apple Pay, which needs to sense the wrist as a security measure." There are are also some gorgeous pendant options. Shipping is scheduled for December 1—if funded. Support options for basic versions start at US$100.

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Source : https://www.macobserver.com/tmo/cool_stuff_found/post/turn-your-apple-watch-into-a-gorgeous-pendant-or-pocket-watch

Turn Your Apple Watch Into a Gorgeous Pendant or Pocket Watch
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