Twigby Mobile Review – A Cell Service Provider That Pays You Back

The following is a review provided to us by TTG reader, Doug, who recently jumped on board Twigby. Since we have never written about them before at the site, I asked Doug if he’d chime in about his experience. Thanks Doug! If you ever have a product that you’d like to review at the site (and we haven’t it covered yet) – please shoot us a note.

This past April I finally decided to switch phone carriers. I just couldn’t take paying for what I knew was more than we needed. Many of my friends could not believe I was going to switch to an “unknown” carrier. Thankfully sites like three frugal guys are around to help educate!

I’d never had a problem with off brands, so it is probably a little easier for me to venture into this new world. Most of these other carriers simply use the big guy’s networks. This allows them to not have all the ancient overhead that the big carriers have. I narrowed it down to two carriers. I was trying to decide between Twigby and Tello. (yes, that’s their names.)

Why I chose Twigby

I went with Twigby for a couple of reasons. First and foremost – COVERAGE IS KING!!! Twigby uses both Sprint and Verizon. This is what closed the deal for me. I assumed all of these carriers have their gimmicks, yet Twigby really seemed to have their act together. My number ported easily to a phone I already had (what a plus to not have to buy a phone). And they even gave me a free month!!

Now that I have had it for a while, my friends cannot believe how little I pay. I get unlimited texts, 500 minutes and 500MB for

$17 a month. I use Wi-Fi almost exclusively and within my account settings I could choose the speed I want my 500MB a month to be at. I slowed it up just a bit, and now happy to report it works as they said it would.

twigby plans>
Twigby smartphone plans and options

When I’m away from Wi-Fi, I is still use my data, and have (as of today) more than enough MB’s to finish my month. I may actually speed it up next month and see if I get closer to using up my allotment.

They also offer what they call Overage Protection for FREE. They give you the reins to not allow your service to move up. I really like this.

I was skeptical of a “Chat Only” contact method. Again I was wrong. Seems I get my questions answered quicker that when I would have to WAIT on HOLD forEVER before. When I tried contacting Tello, they just did not seem too bright. Not sure if they were a newbie or not. Seemed I knew more about their service. Not good.

Just check out their reviews. PC mag just put them in front of Tello as well. Guess I’m not the only one that sees it.

Our phones we have with Twigby

I’m so sold on Twigby that I switched my wife (she just wanted another flip phone – Yes they have flip phones and it was under 20 Bucks). She is OLD SCHOOL and did not want to switch. She got the rugged flip phone and she hates to admit it, but she loves it.

The speakerphone volume, and that it is waterproof, is a plus. She is now not as leery to have her phone near the pool.

I picked up an Apple iPhone for my granddaughter. They are actually pretty cheap at Twigby. I was shocked. It was just over $100. Twigby pointed out that in their help section that an iPhone comes with many restrictions to help my daughter manage where my granddaughter can go on the web. She says that these tools within the phone work great. This is the extra mile

I keep telling all my friends about Twigby. They are people, not money grubbers. And there are no contracts, or junk activation fees. And they shipped both phones for free. What’s not to love about not having a contract!!!

Pay back

I’m saving the best part for last. They also PAY their customers to recruit for them. For each of my friends that I refer, I get a $20 credit. My friends also get the 20 buck credit. This is huge. I have them lined up!!!

If you are ready to save big and get better service – in my opinion – (for what it is worth :) you need to check out Twigby.

Coverage map


Some pros

  • The coverage. two networks are always better than one!
  • The prices. One phones and plans. Create what you need.
  • My daughter likes that she can monitor my grandaughter’s use from the Twigby app.
  • No contracts or activation junk fees. No monthy charge just to have service.
  • Referral credits. $20 for every refferal is the best I’ve seen in prepaid. And my friends even get $20.

And cons

  • Data packages cap out at 4gb. It looks to stay unlimited, but at a slower speed. Don’t think it will be an issue for me.
  • Have to pay more to get the latest phones since it is prepaid. But seem to make it back on plan price.
  • Credit or debit card only. No cash payments.

Have you heard of Twigby or are you currently using their service? What are your thoughts?

Plans start at $9/mo at Twigby

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Twigby Mobile Review – A Cell Service Provider That Pays You Back
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