UC Berkeley Cancels Right Wing Provocateur���s Talk Amid Violent Protest

Yiannopoulos is no ordinary conservative. The 32-year-old Brit, who until the spring worked for Breitbart News, has a brash, vitriolic, take-no-prisoners approach to trolling. The self-declared "most fabulous supervillain on the internet” has built a following — and a career — going after women, transgender people, Muslims, immigrants, and other vulnerable communities. He was so nasty, in fact, that he was permanently kicked off Twitter for harassing the comedian Leslie Jones. He titled last year’s tour of college campuses “Dangerous Faggot.” As Breitbart wrote ominously in a post on the tour’s announcement: “Triggered social justice warriors and cowering college administrators were breathing a sigh of relief. They thought it was all over. They were wrong.” His ultimate goal appears to be to agitate liberal foes, not just exchange ideas; there are reports that he is being funded by deep-pocketed conservatives to do just that.

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Source : http://www.refinery29.com/2017/08/170166/uc-berkeley-free-speech-precedent

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