UNDONE Urban — The Customizable Retro Chronograph

In this in-depth video review, we look at our new Undone Urban Vintage chronograph that we customized with the Undone online customizer.  Senior contributor Scott Sitkiewitz was able to choose the design of many different elements of the watch including case material, hands, dial and he even added a special engraving to the case back. Once he finalized his design, Undone then made his watch and had it shipped to his door in 10 business days.

Check out the video for his thoughts on this innovative way to purchase watches.

The Undone Urban Vintage collection starts at US$265 for fixed units, US$295 for customizable ones. For more information, visit www.undone.watch

Undone’s Customizer Link: >https://www.undone.watch/series/customizer

Undone’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/UndoneWatches

Undone’s Instagram Page: www.instagram.com/UndoneWatches


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