WATCH Half Girlfriend Movie Review: The Good And Bad In This Arjun Shraddha Film

Given that the film is called Half Girlfriend, from Chetan Bhagat's book of the same name, one would be tempted to write half-reviews of it. But lesser mortals like us need to make do with the entire movie, more than two-hours of mind-numbing torture, and then get out of the theatre to write full reviews of half-films. First things first, Half Girlfriend - Dost Se Zyada Girlfriend Se Kam (that's the full name of the film, yes) the movie does not begin in 'writer Chetan Bhagat's room'. Kudos to director Mohit Suri for that. But chopping out Chetan Bhagat's parts from Half Girlfriend has probably done it more bad than good. Imagine, a thing like that were even possible!


Here is the full review of Half Girlfriend.

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WATCH Half Girlfriend movie review: The good and bad in this Arjun-Shraddha film
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