WATCH: MPs Review Presidential Impeachment Rules


CAPE TOWN - National Assembly MPs will be meeting tomorrow to consider draft rules that will govern the removal of a sitting president.

The urgent meeting has been set down for two days.


It follows last month’s ruling by the Constitutional Court, which gave the National Assembly 120 days to put in place rules governing the impeachment of the president in terms of Section 89 of the constitution.

The court further ordered that the National Assembly initiate proceedings against President Jacob Zuma in terms of the new rules within 180 days of its 29 December judgment.

Political parties are lining up their arguments ahead of the meeting.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) believes the findings against Zuma, that he has failed to respect the law or uphold the Constitution, should immediately trigger an impeachment process under Section 89 of the Constitution for his removal.

DA chief whip John Steenhuisen explains: “You cannot have Parliament second-guessing a Constitutional Court finding. It would be bizarre for a committee to be set up to second-guess and interrogate a finding by the Constitutional Court.”

But Freedom Front Plus chief whip Dr Corné Mulder disagrees.

“We should not move into a position where the Constitutional Court takes decisions on behalf of Parliament. Parliament should have its own processes, where it comes to its own judgments and takes its own decisions.”

Zuma is also facing pressure from within his own ANC, with supporters of new party president Cyril Ramaphosa calling for Zuma to be recalled as state president before the end of his term in 2019.

(Edited by Shimoney Regter)

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Source : http://ewn.co.za/2018/01/09/mps-meet-tomorrow-to-consider-rules-for-presidential-impeachment

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