The clip shows Mensa recounting his battles with mental health, addiction and legal drama as the plane he's on spirals into the ocean and crashes. "Tired of chasing pills that I'm tired of taking," he proclaims over booming drums and synth-strings. "Tired of court cases, tired of judges/ Tired of saying 'Fuck it.'"

The MC loses consciousness underwater but awakens and swims to shore, rapping at night in front of flames. "These days I lose track of days," he admits. "Been years since I felt this way/ Count on me to rage."

The Autobiography, out July 28th, features a stacked guest lineup including including Pharrell, Weezer, Pusha T, the-Dream and Ty Dolla $ign.

Last February, Mensa was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon and received two years of probationTMZ reported Monday. The District Attorney dropped a second charge of carrying an unregistered loaded firearm. 

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