Watch Woman Figure Out Movie Trailer Is Really A Marriage Proposal


Then there’s another movie that was a big Cannes splash, which is Todd Haynes’ >Wonderstruck. That, I do have release date for: It’s Oct. 23. I’m just excited about that because Todd Haynes is one of my favorite directors, and he’s never made anything that wasn’t, at the very least, fascinating, and in best case scenario, a real masterpiece. All I know about Wonderstruck—because another thing that I was going to mention earlier, actually, is that I try to know as a little as possible about a movie going in. I don’t like to watch trailers or read plot summaries. Definitely don’t read reviews before seeing a movie because I don’t want to—it’s the clean-slate thing, I don’t want to get biased. But I sort of peeked a little bit at what this is about just so I could tell listeners now, and it’s about two children in two different time frames. There’s a story in 1927 and a story in 1977 that intercut and relate in some way, and apparently the child actors that play these two is a boy and a girl are both really, really good. They’re unknowns as until this point. That seems really exciting.

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Source : http://www.slate.com/articles/podcasts/slate_plus/2017/09/slate_s_dana_stevens_on_the_movies_to_look_out_for_this_fall.html

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