We���ll Get The Chinese Made 2016 Buick Envision Sooner Than We Expected


On visibility, here’s a tid bit you may or may not enjoy. Just this morning about 10:50 AM I was coming down a main road on the way to church and on this road there is a quick alley you can jet down (the alley runs parallel the main road for three blocks) before a light which at the time was in the process of going from yellow to red. This intersection is important because it takes you to a second main road which eventually leads into a tunnel. The reason you would use the alley off of the first main road is to beat the light because at the end of this two way alley is another intersection to the second main road. On approaching the alley in my Saturn SL I put my left turn signal on and observed an MY01-05ish Toyota RAV4 being driven by someone with large dark sunglasses (couldn’t tell male or female) coming out of the alley in the opposite direction. Right as I started to turn this driver looked left to right and started to go. I stopped 1/3rd into the turn and this driver stopped right after they drifted forward and saw me. Once I saw the RAV4 driver stop I continued to turn into the alley and this driver in my rear view put his/her signal on to turn left (to hit the intersection I was skipping) so we were both turning the opposite of each other. Now I always hear about visibility from these things and yet here was an instance where unnatural height worked against the driver because my Saturn is literally a few inches off of the ground, not nearly as high as the driver’s line of sight. I probably seemed to come out of nowhere to the driver and of course I am happy they did see me eventually but the head turn then followed by drifting and then a stop was eye opening. A normal vehicle at a natural driving height might have made me more obvious as I turned. Maybe. Don’t know. Not to make too bad of a pun here, but today I witnessed a ride height fail. I know when I have driven Jeeps in the family I have found it difficult to judge the distance I have between small cars on the road.

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We’ll Get The Chinese-made 2016 Buick Envision Sooner Than We Expected
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