When You Leave The Internet, Do You Die?


“They ran the numbers, they brought me back the numbers, and it said I did that,” he declares.

when you bout to leave the club and hear offset say "you know...." pic.twitter.com/oGrt4zLJEJ


— Zachary Fox (@zackfox) December 8, 2016

Of course, that’s not all Fox has done. On May 31, he’ll host Adult Swim on the Green in Bayfront Park: a night of games, new episodes of Adult Swim shows, and audience participation. Here’s what you need to know about the host with the most ahead of the event:

He took his name from one of the Power Rangers.  “When I was young, my favorite show was Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and there was a black Power Ranger, and his name just so happened to be Zack, and I was like, Well, how does this motherfucker spell it, because any way he spells it, I’m spellin’ my shit that way, 'cause he dances and beats people the fuck up.

He became best friends with Thundercat by catfishing him. “It was back when I was kinda using Twitter as a very violent nihilist propaganda tool, but also as a dating website,” Fox says of his early days on Twitter, where met jazz bassist Stephen Bruner, better known as Thundercat. “He kind of found my profile and — this is actually a true story; I’m not trolling — I fooled Thundercat into thinking I was a girl for like, five months, I think it was. He would DM me, and I’d be like ‘Yeah, I’m a girl.’” Since then, they’ve developed a bizarre, dadaist repartee, spitting random words at each other on the TL for all to see. “I don’t know how we ever plan to hang out, 'cause we just say to each other really stupid shit all day.”

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Source : http://www.miaminewtimes.com/arts/the-weird-wonderful-world-of-zack-fox-10376663

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