When Does FIFA 18 Come Out And What Else Do We Know So Far?


FIFA fans eagerly awaiting the release of FIFA 18 haven’t got long left to wait.

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The new FIFA 18 is set to be released on Friday, September 29, 2017.


However, if you just cannot last that long, and you have over played FIFA 17 to exhaustion then you can play FIFA 18 three days early with EA Access and when you buy the special Icon edition of the game that arrives three days earlier.

The FIFA 18 ICON Edition release date is Tuesday, September 26.

>>> When does FIFA 18 come out and what else do we know so far?
Cristiano Ronaldo is the new global cover star for FIFA 18.(Picture: Getty)

The FIFA 18 release date is the same for all platforms – the Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

There will also be a special Nintendo Switch version of FIFA released on September 29.

The new game will give players the chance to play the second season of The Journey for FIFA and titled Hunter’s Return.

It will be continuation of Alex Hunter’s story and will now also let you customise Alex – he needs some signature footballer’s haircut at this stage.

Cristiano Ronaldo is set to appear as a voiced character in this version of the story mode feature.

>>> When does FIFA 18 come out and what else do we know so far?
FIFA 18 announcement video screenshot.

In terms of gameplay, FIFA 18 claims to have kicked the reality up a notch, with player movement being more fluid and lifelike than ever.

Movement on the ball in FIFA 18 will also feel easier, more natural and immediately responsive.

Gamers will notice that the best of the players feel more mobile, making them a wonder to play when you’re using them.

>>> When does FIFA 18 come out and what else do we know so far?
FIFA 18 announcement video screenshot.

The surroundings will also feel more real in the game, with the foreign game’s atmosphere changing to mimic what it would actually be like to play in the different countries: the crowd’s behaviour and how they watch the game.

In general, the crowds are more distinct and not as pixelated, they will even swarm towards celebrating players, almost to hug them.

The faces will look even better than ever, and the entire style and feel of the game is slick and so will your playing be.

You can watch the FIFA 18 reveal trailer below, and prepare to get excited.

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When does FIFA 18 come out and what else do we know so far?
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