Why Gulf Arab Leaders Are Welcoming Trump’s Transactional Foreign Policy

American flags lined the streets of this Arab capital Friday as Saudi Arabia prepared a motorcycle rally, a concert by country singer Toby Keith and lavish palace festivities organized by King Salman’s royal court to honor the arrival of the desert kingdom’s biggest potential business partner yet: Donald Trump.

While Trump has taken heat from Muslims in the U.S. for his anti-terrorism travel ban and his overtures to Israel, here in the Gulf, the conservative Arab sheikdoms are welcoming the new administration as a return to transactional diplomacy in the Middle East.

The White House they see now is presided over by a strong leader — a model Gulf monarchs recognize from their own governing styles — and if Trump surrounds himself with business-friendly family members high in his administration, well, so do they.

Key to this weekend’s meetings with Trump and his team, as Arab leaders see it, will be identifying opportunities to do business and cut diplomacy deals.

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Source : http://www.latimes.com/world/middleeast/la-fg-trump-arabs-20170519-story.html

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