Why Indy Cars Are 'more Pure' Than F1, According To A Double World Champion

Spanish Formula One driver Fernando Alonso is missing this year’s Monaco Grand Prix – a race he’s won twice. But he has a pretty great excuse.

As a 35-year-old rookie in the IndyCar Series, Alonso will run the Indy 500 for the first time on May 28, and in the weeks leading up to the race, he’s been practicing behind the wheel of his new car, and he’s been driving pretty well considering it’s his first time.

Fernando Alonso's double overtake at Indy! Give me room please, thank you :) #GoAlon500 via @CoandaF1 pic.twitter.com/4UhuatkT9A

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His team owner, Michael Andretti, even said his first time out earlier this month at Indianapolis Motor Speedway was “perfect.”

In an article in >The Players’ Tribune on Thursday, Alonso summarized his experience racing and how it led to his first shot at the Indy 500, detailing the differences between this and F1.

Thanks to the simulator testing, I felt like I knew my car before I got in it last week at Indy. But once I did, there was one thing that nothing could have prepared me for: the raw, unfiltered feeling of power. Indy cars are a little more simple than the F1 cars, so it’s more pure. There’s less mechanical grip here, so the throttle has a bit more punch. It took a little time to get comfortable, but the team did a great job preparing me. My biggest takeaway from being behind the wheel was just sheer excitement. I can’t wait for May 28.

Alonso explained how despite his near-two decades of F1 experience, most of the IndyCar information, strategy, drivers and teams are new to him.

Driving a Honda-powered Dallara for Andretti Autosport, he said everyone he’s working with is helping him to become a serious contender for the prestigious race Memorial Day weekend.

More via >The Players’ Tribune:

The only people who aren’t so helpful are the other Formula 1 drivers, because they’re all jealous. Hahaha. I joke, I joke (not really). They’re all very supportive of me and keep wishing me good luck.

>Read Alonso’s full story in The Players’ Tribune.

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Source : http://ftw.usatoday.com/2017/05/indycar-series-indy-500-fernando-alonso-formula-one-differences-indianapolis-motor-speedway

Why Indy cars are 'more pure' than F1, according to a double World Champion
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