Why Didn't I Receive An Alert On My Phone For Tsunami Watch?


Less than two weeks after Hawaii's chaotic brush with a false missile alarm, a major earthquake off Alaska triggered a tsunami watch for the Hawaiian Islands.

The magnitude 7.9 quake struck  south of Anchorage at around 11:31 p.m. Monday. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued a tsunami watch within 15 minutes. Gov. Ige and other state and county officials met at the Emergency Operations Center to monitor the possibility PTWC would upgrade the watch to a warning.


But less than two hours later, the watch was cancelled.

On social media, Hawaii residents asked why they didnt receive any alert on their smart phones similar to one that was issued on January 13th warning people about a ballistic missile.

Department of Emergency Management Deputy Director Hiro Toiya told Island News tsunami alerts aren't sent unless a warning is issued.

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Source : http://www.kitv.com/story/37334028/why-didnt-i-receive-an-alert-on-my-phone-for-tsunami-watch

Why didn't I receive an alert on my phone for tsunami watch?
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