Will The Halo Ruin Formula 1?


With a flurry of 2018 Formula 1 cars slowly being revealed, it’s only now that we are starting to see how the halo safety device will affect the cars’ looks, and possibly our enjoyment. 

As I watched the Red Bull go around Silverstone, I noticed how very little I could see of the driver and subsequently the driver’s helmet and colours. Which is a shame, and ironic that so many drivers are releasing new designs only for them to be hidden.


Growing up with the sport, I used to love recognising a driver’s colours and, being from the Top Gear art department, I’m still a big fan of helmet designs (if they are done well).

So it got me thinking about the best helmet designs over the years, because surely, for now, that enjoyment has gone. Do you agree with my list?

1. Ayrton Senna: bold, simple the most iconic of them all?

2. Gilles Villeneuve: at the time, extremely modern and quirky

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  • 3. James Hunt: does what it says on the tin. Just like Hunt


    Graham Hill: simple, and based on the London Rowing Club colours


    Francois Cevert: can’t go wrong with bold stripes


    Elio de Angelis: angular and confident


    Mario Andretti: one main colour, one stripe. Done


    Jenson Button: his original helmet made the Union Jack work well


    Alain Prost: very Eighties in its approach and design

    10. Stefan Bellof: solid black with the Belgium flag as stripes. Just drips coolness

    Mind, while compiling this list I realised there aren’t many modern day drivers’ helmets in there. Maybe the halo isn’t so bad after all…

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