X Videos Review: Pitfalls Of Smart Phones!


That said, don’t expect X Videos to be gripping with fine performances from the actors and slick technicalities. The film engages us with certain unknown facts & information about how our smart phones can destroy lives.

Reporters Manoj (Ajay Raj) and Danny (Nijay) wants to know why porn websites must be banned in India. Soon, this research leads Manoj to a network and he finds that his own friend Ankit (Prasanna Shetty) and his wife Tripti’s (Akriti Singh) personal video has become viral in the porn world. Poor Tripti commits suicide and the rest of the film is all about how Manoj unmasks the gang which spread the video on the internet!


The actors are just adequate and some of them are pathetic! The only good thing about this film is the research work done by the director and how mobile phone repairs shops have become a channel for the porn video market, mobile applications which get access to our gallery and personal data.

For those who don’t know, there are people who have premium accounts to access these homemade porn videos and the selling price differs for fresh and old videos. As the runtime is just 108 minutes, the film moves at a good pace and the as the theme is unknown, it engages us to an extent.

Overall, X Videos is an average thriller on the cyber criminals in the Indian porn world and tries to create an awareness on how to use our smartphones in today's digital world.

X Videos review-Verdict: Average thriller

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X Videos review: Pitfalls of smart phones!
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