You Can Power Your House With A Nissan Leaf

Sono Motors prototype claiming around 30 km/d from the sun – Image from Sono Motors website

With China, India, Norway, UK,  France and California planning to ban manufacture and sales of new internal combustion engine cars, and electric vehicles (EV) on the rise, will a solar roof become popular add-on option for plug in EV’s, and how many kilometres a day can they provide?

solar car 2 solar car 3

Panasonic’s components for the Toyota Prius Prime PHV 180w – Source: Bloomberg via Toyota

Below are the three summary points aimed to answer this question, but I welcome more experienced tech writers and engineers to add meat to the bone. This article is a follow up from my previous story on experimental solar cars and

solar assisted electric vehicles (SAEVs), and the just completed World Solar Challenge.

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