Your Health On The IPhone!


Hendersonville, N.C. – Pardee Hospital, as part of UNC Health Care, is collaborating with Apple to allow patients to easily download their electronic health record data from the My UNC Chart patient portal and integrate the data with Apple’s existing personal data tracking and reporting features in the iOS Health app.

This feature is available to all UNC Health Care patients with an active My UNC Chart account and an iPhone running iOS 11.3 or later. Simply open the Health app and select ‘Health Records’, and then select ‘Add Account.’ From there, select the UNC Health Care hospital you’ve visited and sign-in to your ‘My UNC Chart’ to connect your My UNC Chart data to the Apple Health app alongside Apple’s existing personal data tracking and reporting features.


“We are pleased to offer Pardee patients an innovative, safe and convenient way to manage their health information,” said James M. Kirby II, president and CEO of Pardee. “If you are a Pardee patient and have a My UNC Chart account, you can keep track of your medical records on your iPhone. It’s another way we are working to make health care more accessible and streamlined for our patients.”

To learn more about UNC Health Care and Apple’s collaboration, visit https://bit.ly/2IvwLDu.

Pardee UNC Health Care is a not-for-profit community hospital founded in 1953 and is managed by UNC Health Care. The hospital is licensed for 222 acute care beds. Pardee has several locations separate from the main campus, including a comprehensive physician practice network, a cancer center, two urgent care locations and five orthopedic clinics. For more information or to find a physician, visit https://www.pardeehospital.org/.

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Source : https://mountainx.com/blogwire/pardee-unc-health-care-patients-can-track-health-records-with-apple-health-app-for-iphone/

Pardee UNC Health Care patients can track health records with Apple Health app for iPhone
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